‘Til “Diet” Do Us Part

Dear Lora,

My brother and his fiancée are getting married this fall.  In preparation for their wedding, my father has decided that they should both lose some weight.   It’s true that they need to lose weight for their health.  My brother in particular has had very high cholesterol since his childhood.  But my father thinks that I should talk to my brother to encourage him AND his fiancée to get in better shape.  I want my brother to be healthy and have a long life, and his fiancée, too, for that matter.  But I don’t think it’s my place to butt in.  Thoughts?

Heavily Ever After

Dear Heavily Ever After,

Have you ever heard the saying: “Never tell someone their baby is ugly?”  It definitely applies in this situation.  Here’s the deal — I believe most overweight folks know they are overweight.  I’m sure there are varying degrees of that awareness based on the size of those around them, but all in all, I think people are pretty tuned in to the size of their own body.  With that said, I would avoid this topic like the plague.  Having a conversation with your brother about his health is one thing.  As his sister, you could come up with some fancy-smanche reason for bringing the health issue up, but when it comes to your soon to be sister-in-law, I just wouldn’t bark up that tree.

Planning a wedding is beyond stressful and every bride wants to look like a millions bucks.  If this life changing occasion hasn’t sparked your brother’s fiancée to drop a few pounds on her own, your advice will only tip the scales in the opposite direction — possibly turning you from friend to foe.

There’s nothing more motivating than trying on a solid white gown, if that hasn’t done it for her already, I can tell you, your two cents will end up costing you way more than that in the long run.

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Hey, its Susan &lee..Hi..driving across country (our “redneck Tour”). Grits in French Quarter, Clinton Library, Graceland, Grand Ole Oprey, Churchill Downes….reading Lee your columns..you go girl!

Susan, thanks for including me on the trip 🙂

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