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Dear Lora,

Would it be strange if I invited my girlfriend’s husband to be my ‘date’ to an upcoming formal event?  Both my husband and his wife will be out of town on work trips.  He and his wife are close friends of ours, they are new to the area and it could be a great way for him to meet more people.  I’d also have a dance partner. 

Dear Formally Introduced,

Simple answer:  No.

Minors don’t take coal to the coalmine and you shouldn’t take your friends husband to a formal.  Nothing good can come from it – NOTHING!

Although I’m positive your intentions are pure, the risk of what others might think, in a negative way, is just too high.  I know, I know, we’re not supposed to give a darn about what other people think, but let’s be honest, we do. 

No one likes going to any event alone, unless they are a pickpocket, and even then, they usually work in numbers.  I completely understand why this seems like a good idea, but you’ll have to trust me on this one, it’s not. 

Just for a second, let’s pretend you do take him, how do you introduce him?

“Hey, I’d like you to meet my good friends husband…no, she’s not here tonight, it’s just us…he hasn’t worn this tux since his wedding, so we thought, what the heck!”

Then comes the unavoidable follow-up question:

“Where’s Biff, your husband?  And Buffy, his wife?”

You answer:  “They’re both out of town.”

I’m getting geeked out just typing it.  Enough said.

Catch a ride with another couple and go solo.  You may not get to bust a move as much, but you also won’t have to dance around the uncomfortable question of whether you’re having an affair the next morning when texts start flying around town.  And trust me, they would.  No dirty dancing necessary, just a few no-goodnicks with dirty minds.

It’s better to cutback on the two-stepping, rather than risk a two-timing rumor. 




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