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Spit Slinging Sprout

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Dear Lora,

During a party last week a 6 year old spat in my face!  Making matters worse, his parents were present and didn’t do anything about it, they just laughed it off.  This is a classmate of my sons and someone he considers a friend.  I’m appalled, what can I do?

Wet & Worried

Dear W.W.,

Slow down sister…WHAT?!?  A 6-year-old boy spat in your face while his parents were present and they did nothing?  Okay, I need a moment…

All right, I’m back with one question: is the barn he lives in a cattle barn or a horse barn?  Honestly, I was hoping you’d go on to say he was pretending to be a llama…a snake…something – anything!  I mean really, WHO let’s their kid do that?  Okay, so the boy is only 6, but come on people!

I can only imagine you were too shocked to say anything to the pint-sized saliva sprayer.  I know my first thoughts wouldn’t be clean enough to type, let alone repeat aloud.

Candidly, this is a non-starter for me, especially since I have a super low tolerance for gross conduct of any kind.  If your child is hanging out with another child who thinks it’s okay to spit on someone AND has parents who clearly see it as humorous, it’s simple: STOP IT, stop all of it!  Playdates, carpools, etc.

It’s one thing if the parents know this is an issue, acknowledge it, and are “working on it”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.  These parents are part of what I call the “friends first” program.  They choose to completely forget they hold the most important titles in the world:  Mom and Dad.  I’m shocked by the amount of parents who spend more time trying to be cool rather than focusing on the job they signed up for, aren’t you?

Here’s the thing…spitting has never been considered cool, so I’m baffled as to why the parents would choose to laugh it off when their little sproutlet sprung a leak.  Doesn’t it make you wonder what the kid would have to do to get in trouble?  Actually, I won’t even go there.  It’s a pretty safe bet they’d likely throw in the towel if given the chance.  In this case, the least they could have done is toss it your way so you could have wiped the wet stuff off — but they didn’t!

Keep in mind, spitting on someone can be considered an assault.  The fact that his mother and father dropped the ball is a big old warning sign and yet another reminder why I think all parents need to be certified to raise a child.  Until then, I’ll remind you of one of my favorite sayings:  “You can’t reason with stupid”.

That’s why I suggest keeping that kid a safe distance away from yours.  I’m not suggesting your child be mean or ignore him, I’m just recommending their contact be left to school or organized activities, like team sports, where there are teachers and coaches around who are trained to handle this type of behavior.

Lord knows you don’t want your child to pick up any hints from this spit slinging Jessie James.  I don’t mean to imply this boy is bad, but he’s clearly not getting the guidance he needs at this point.  Until he does, less is better when it comes to your sons exposure to his buddy’s unregulated behavior.  In this case, it’s better to be safe and dry, literally and figuratively.

If your boys are in the same class at school, be sure to give the teacher a friendly heads up on the wet and wild conduct.  Not in a tattletale way, but rather an “I’m concerned” fashion.  Which is true, you are concerned, for your son and the squirt squirter.

In this case, don’t expectorate (couldn’t help myself) big things from these parents, it sounds like they could use a mom and dad themselves.

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